zaunspace - Your coworking space in relaxed Atmosphere. Located at the heart of City West / Urania Berlin, we offer room for small and small-ish teams!

You’re looking for a quiet Coworking Space in City West at the heart of Berlin? Look no further! zaunspace offers day, week and month passes to cater to all your needs.

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Allow us to introduce ourselves

„zaunspace“ is a service provided by zaunberg GmbH for you.

zaunspace is a new venture by zaunberg GmbH. We have worked tirelessly to create a space for ideas, a space for people to work and co-work in. Located at the heart of the buzzing City West Berlin we built a very special coworking space – zaunspace! Here you can let your creative juices flow, inspire others and be inspired by the people around you. zaunspace provides an urban flair for meetings, workshops and events and lets you book your own flexible desk.

Think Big

We create space for your creativity. Our modern and bright office encourages good vibes and nourishes your inspiration for great ideas and projects. No matter who you are: analyst, poet, thinker, dreamer or inventor – you can make zaunspace your workspace. Because flashes of inspiration, big ideas and creative musings need plenty of room, we offer the space to get you into the right mindset. Check out our plans and see that we offer the perfect solution for you and your way of working.

Journey(wo)man or dweller

Do you prefer to have a plan or rather go with the flow? Not sure? Doesn’t matter, because at zaunspace we offer you a solution that fits all your needs of flexibility or stability.

You can stop by for a whole day, a week or make yourself at home for a month. Whatever tickles your bone. Simply book your pass through our form and you’re good to go.

Out and about Urania

We aren’t just any old office. Located at Urania Berlin, a congress and event building with a long and varied history in West Berlin, zaunspace offers you more than just a desk and a coffee machine – you can rent out meeting rooms and even bigger halls for events with up to 500 people. It doesn’t matter if you want to do a seminar, a corporate event, an employee meeting, put on a play or show a film. We help with planning and offer the perfect room with all the equipment you need for your unforgettable events.

And by the way: don’t be shy to ask if you have any special requests – we will go out of our way to make anything possible for your unique event!

Wanna know more?

You can see here all our offers here and book it directly through the website.

We can’t wait to meet you!