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Weekly Business

You’re a Monday to Friday kinda person? Then zaunspace is the right kind of place for you! With our weekly pass you can make zaunspace your work space with your very own desk.

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All Month long

While we stop short at offering you to move in with us for eternity, you are very welcome to come work at your desk around the clock for a whole month.

Just book your place with us at zaunspace for a month!

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Your event at zaunspace: want to put on a seminar, workshop or training? We offer the perfect location for all endeavours that go beyond the scope of a normal office space.

We offer space and technical equipment for you to realise your event with creativity and professionalism.

With our proximity to Urania and our knowledge of film and video production we are able to advise you and help to make your event perfect. Make zaunspace your event space!

* All prices exclude VAT.